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Semi-Automatic Tube Infeed System TZF
(up to 220 tubes/min.)

Large tube storage and supply unit, enabling long production times with no need to restock empty tubes.

For tube filling machines with an output of up to 220 tubes/min.

The TZF flexible tube infeed is manually supplied with empty tubes via a tube magazine.

At the tube magazine output, there is a separation mechanism that gently separates the tubes onto the tube conveyor. A min./max. backup device controls the material flow. Its independent drive means that the TZF can be used individually.


  • Easy operation
  • Gentle tube handling
  • Suitable for laminar flow (TZ and TZM series)
  • Can process all tube materials
  • Can process different tube arrangements in shipping boxes
  • Rapid format adjustment
  • Large stock of empty tubes


Max. output (tubes/min.) 220
Tube diameter (mm) 10 – 63 mm (plastic)
10 – 50 mm (metal)
Total tube length (mm) 60-250
Max. carton dimensions
LxBxH (mm)
650 mm x 600 mm x 265 mm