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FP 10 tube filling machine
(up to 70 tubes/min.)

The new tube filling machine in the FP 10 lower output range is the further development of the successful TFS 10 model, several hundred of which have been sold to date.  The FP 10 features the latest servo technology combined with intuitive operation via a touchscreen.


  • Short switching times due to quick-release locks
  • Consistent closure qualities
  • Rigorous separation of the drive mechanism from the filling area prevents contamination of the product
  • Smooth surfaces for easy cleaning
  • Optimized mechanism for minimal maintenance requirement
  • Wearing parts minimized in number and easy to access


Max. output (tubes/min.) 70
Working stations 10
Tube diameter (mm) 10-52
Total tube length (mm) 60-250
Dosing (ml) 1.5-300


Toothpaste, denture adhesive cream, pharmaceutical ointments, cream, gel, shampoo, hair dye, adhesive, dye, silicone, ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard

Tube material:
Aluminum, aluminum laminate, polyethylene, polyethylene laminate, coex

Tube shapes:
Cylindrical (with a Euro hole, curved seam), oval, conical, dispenser (dispensers, insertion of pistons), mascara pens, cartridges, jars, tottle (application of lids)