Products and solutions –
Machine and line installations

The pharmaceutical and cosmetics market segments represent the main markets served by IWK, and we are the global leader in submarkets within these categories. Foodstuffs and drinks constitute our third key market segment.

  • IWK is a proven specialist in the safe packaging of pharmaceutical products
  • Our customers benefit from our well-established understanding of their pharmaceutical applications, with reference to GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and machine qualification
  • IWK is the world market-leader in tube filling of sterile and aseptic products
  • IWK is an expert in the filling of paste-like cosmetics
  • We are the leading provider in the area of hair cosmetics for professional ranges as well as end consumer products
  • IWK is proficient in the handling of glossy and matte product surfaces
  • Most toothpaste tubes worldwide are filled and closed on IWK machines
Additional Markets
  • Food packaging that is safe, and a guaranteed long shelf life
  • IWK machines offer tube filling of foodstuffs in an aseptic environment
  • In the event of product changeover, rapid washout of the filling system is assured
  • Washable tube filling machines which also have an internal machine seal
  • Rapid format change in under 15 minutes is possible on IWK machines and lines
  • Tube filling of industrial products with extremely high viscosities
Latest Application: Papertube (Microsite click here)