IWK offers the option of further upskilling your employees on a long-term and sustainable basis, by means of targeted training. Based on the target group, level of knowledge, machine used, and preferred training content, we will build an individual and heavily practice-based employee training program for you.

How you benefit:

  • Targeted and sustainable training of operators and maintenance personnel
  • Instruction on regular maintenance work and what to do in the event of breakdown
  • Individualized training content that is tailored to the machines and participants
  • Efficient use of plants and technical equipment
  • Safe completion of work on your machines

Particularly in the start-up phase, working with new, highly technological production plants can be difficult, and the desired output results may not be achieved quickly without targeted production support. A change of technical or production staff also affects efficiency in existing plants. We offer the following solutions for these concerns:

  • Individual production support by qualified specialists
  • Continuous monitoring of machine performance
  • Effective fault correction in the event of breakdown
  • Supporting and instructing your employees on how to work with IWK plants

How you benefit:

  • Greater efficiency for your plants and processes
  • Carefully targeted instruction of production employees
  • Rapid rectification of breakdowns

We offer you the option of a process and performance audit to increase the productivity and efficiency of your production. The starting point for the appraisal is a detailed inspection of those areas that influence the efficiency of your plant. The technical equipment as well as the associated processes and specialist expertise of your employees will be considered. From the information obtained in this way we will then develop an optimization concept that is individually tailored to you and support you in implementing it. Our audit also includes:

  • Definition and coordination of target specifications with employees and managers
  • Assessment of your personnel’s capabilities in terms of plant maintenance and operation
  • Determination of training needs in critical areas and prioritizing of these based on safety aspects, risks, and costs
  • Quantifying and assessing potential areas for improvement
  • Suggestions for optimizing your technical plants

How you benefit:

  • Greater efficiency for your plants and processes
  • Clear overview of the most important influencing aspects and potentials for optimization
  • The option of initiating further training measures on a targeted basis