• Increased plant flexibility through the expansion of the product range and packaging formats
  • Provision of new parts and tools for new packaging formats and package sizes
  • Implementation of all necessary plant adaptations (such as changes to the main drive)
  • Performance of test runs with new packaging material to ensure production speed


Functional extensions to existing plants (such as replacing the existing mechanical main drive with a servo).

  • Modifications to equipment by IWK
  • Technical upgrades comply with customer specifications
  • Modifications in accordance with CE certification requirements (where necessary)
  • Machine-specific documentation of conversion parts/modifications
  • OEM guarantee for all technological improvements
  • Full service support as with new machines
    • Start-up and training as with a new machine
    • Spare parts provision guaranteed for at least 10 years
  • No compromises in terms of quality

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Obsolescence management by IWK ensures that a packaging machine that has been running for many years will also continue to provide peak performance in future. Our individual and custom-tailored control system upgrades will extend the lifecycle of your plant and at the same time ensure that the spare parts you need will be rapidly available in future. Older machines made fit for new challenges – with the latest-generation upgrades.

How you benefit:

  • Extended machine lifecycle
  • Minimized risk of production downtime
  • Assured spare parts availability
  • Up-to-date control and safety technologies with new functions
  • Extended machine functionality
  • Provision of original manufacturer documentation
  • Training support


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The IWK format parts center (FPC) brings together many years of experience and expertise in developing and manufacturing format parts. In the FPC, all format parts for new machines and conversion projects are individually adapted on a centralized basis, based on specific customer requirements. Our format parts center offers:

  • Many years of experience and the highest quality standards
  • In-house specialists
  • Internal design and production
  • Custom format parts with maximum precision
  • High flexibility in order to meet new market/product requirements
  • Short lead times and delivery times

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