Machine expertise that is systematically driven forward.

As a leading manufacturer of filling and packaging facilities for the pharmaceutical and cosmetics sectors, we are very aware of your requirements. We ensure that projects progress smoothly by providing consistent advice from the outset. The focus is always on your product, with the flexible plant design we facilitate being a key facet of this.


IWK has the necessary industry experience to assess even the most demanding requirements our customers have. Our experts deliver detailed analyses and comprehensive recommendations for how to optimize and increase production performance for new and existing production processes. Our range of services:

  • Recording and reviewing current production processes
  • Joint design development for future production processes
  • Selection of suitable technologies
  • Layout, planning and optimization

Bringing more than 130 years of experience in the packaging industry and a highly motivated team, we can assess the performance of entire packaging systems or even of individual machines. In doing this we will focus in particular on:

  • Staffing
  • Training and qualification of existing personnel
  • Material quality and handling
  • Process flow
  • The logistics process

These data are analyzed and used to inform recommendations for the planned process flow. Monitoring carried out in parallel enables a constant overview of the new process to ensure agreed performance scopes (KPIs) are achieved.


Thanks to our many years of experience, we are familiar with all the details of a plant. We directly apply this experience when creating the design for your plant. In addition to making a detailed assessment of the technologies and suppliers under consideration, we place considerable importance on precisely defined interfaces. Our customers are heavily involved here too. Open, transparent and direct communication channels with all stakeholders is a crucial factor to project success.


Do you use lean methodologies? We certainly do!

In the context of ever-increasing cost pressure, companies need to be lean and smart on all levels. This has various consequences, among them the continual need to reduce internal resources; we respond to this need with a solutions-oriented approach. Our expert project team is your single point of contact throughout the project. We handle any necessary communication with other service providers or partners involved in the process. Our principle of ‘one face to the customer’ reduces complexity for our customers, freeing up their capacity for other activities.


Price, quality and specification – everything at the right time.

Part of our procurement service is identifying the right technology at the right price, with the right specifications. Our team ensures that we recommend the right supplier and procure what you need from that supplier. In the context of our procurement process, all relevant criteria are reviewed, and assessed based on historic data. This analysis enables us to identify the right technology, application and supplier for every project. To conclude the process, before an order is issued the procurement team at IWK reviews all contractual conditions, ensuring that these comply with our customers’ requirements. We do, of course, take into account any existing supplier agreements; you can rely on full flexibility in this respect as well.


All-inclusive: our project management

Our project managers are our customers’ central, go-to point of contact for all questions connected with the project, in line with our ‘one face to the customer’ principle. We consider it a key responsibility for all IWK project managers to maintain a consistent flow of information and communication between all project participants – customers, developers, engineers, and suppliers – in order to establish a clear and documented understanding of the most important specifications, services, and criteria for success. Examples of what we take care of in the project management process include:

  • Financial administration
  • Communications management
  • Document control
  • Project logistics management
  • Progress reports
  • Project integration management
  • Time management
  • Content management
  • Quality management
  • Risk and change management

Turn-Key Automation – a cornerstone for your plant

IWK Turn-Key Automation Solutions use industry experience and expertise to deliver extremely fast automation and packaging applications that meet the highest demands. Our experts combine a wide range of packaging experience and technical knowledge with disciplined implementation, providing and securing robust automated solutions for all industries. Our core expertise includes extensive experience with:

  • Materials handling
  • Labeling
  • Inspection systems
  • Requirements relating to primary/secondary and tertiary packaging
  • Management information systems
  • Preventive maintenance
  • The use of ‘Industry 4.0’ technologies