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Manual Tube Infeed System TZT
(up to 90 tubes/min.)

IWK tube filling machines can be supplemented with modular tube infeed systems. Doing this significantly enhances the machines’ capacity and helps to address heightened market requirements in relation to processes and packaging.
Tube storage and supply unit for tube filling machines with an output of up to 90 tubes/min.


  • The separation device (rocker) prevents tube backup in the storage bin
  • More reliable inflow of tubes into the tube filler chute due to an additional pusher
  • Can process all tube materials
  • Offers reliable processing of different tube sizes by means of back-wall adjustment and the simple changeover of a few format parts



Max. output (tubes/min.) 90
Tube diameter (mm) 11-52
Total tube length (mm) 50-250
Max. carton dimensions
LxWxH (mm)