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Tube Filler TFS 80-6
(up to 510 tubes/min.)

Maximum performance and reliability, based on the proven optimum procedural flow and high process reliability that have made IWK the market leader for automatic tube filling machines in the middle and upper output class. The TFS 80-6 tube filling machine guarantees 100% weight monitoring and control, resulting in significantly reduced tube overfilling. The machine fills and closes up to 510 tubes/minute, making it more productive than any other tube filler worldwide. Many different potential special applications, tube fillers, and perfect integration into complete packaging lines are possible.


  • Short switching times due to quick-release locks
  • Proven design for a high GMP standard, easy operation, and optimum accessibility
  • Optimum procedural flows and high process reliability
  • Cycle-independent time specification for selected processes
  • Compact design
  • Reduced and simplified adjustment operations; high flexibility and reliability
  • Modular concept facilitates the use of a huge range of closure types and add-on units


TYPE FP 80-6
Max. output (tubes/min.) 510
Working stations 18
Tube diameter (mm) 22-40
Total tube length (mm) 102-225
Dosing (ml) 2-220


Toothpaste, denture adhesive cream, pharmaceutical ointments, cream, gel, shampoo, hair dye, adhesive, dye, silicone, ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard

Tube material:
Aluminum laminate, polyethylene, polyethylene laminate, coex

Tube shapes:
Cylindrical (with a Euro hole, curved seam), oval, conical, dispenser (dispensers, insertion of pistons), mascara pens, cartridges, jars, tottle (application of lids)